Sourcing Capacity & Broker Networks For MGAs

We provide support to MGAs in three key areas: securing capacity, placing facilities with insurers and providing appropriate broker networks. We help you to secure capacity by promoting your business to insurers and finding a partner that matches your business aspirations.

We help you secure and maintain relationships with insurers because of our knowledge of their attitudes to distribution. We are also able to create distribution packages with a strong element of exclusivity to help you reach your niche markets more effectively.

Schemes & Binders For Brokers

As a coverholder, or working in conjunction with panels of insurers, we are able to give brokers more control over their schemes or books of business.

We can put together schemes in all areas, especially where you have a comprehensive knowledge of the business. We can also help you to consolidate existing schemes where insurers may be reluctant to continue providing capacity.

Join Us As An Appointed Representative

We are always looking to add to our Appointed Representative network across the UK and Europe. We regularly set up brokers and MGAs as Appointed Representatives (ARs) in areas where we want to grow our business and gain access to new markets.

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